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Laugh it up!

Reduce Stress... The leading cause of health problems. Humor can lift your spirit, body, mind and heart. Medical researchers have discovered that laughing can strengthen your heart, improve lung function and boost immunity. A recent study at Loma Linda University found that volunteers who watched comedy videos had a significant...

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Tennis Anyone?

Summer has finally arrived and July has been designated National Tennis Month. So dust off that racket and go have some fun. If your one of the 10% of Americans that can’t due to tennis elbow here is some helpful advice to get back into the game. Lateral epicondylitis, also...

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Acupuncture Helps Woman Overcome Early Menopause

Acupuncture Helps Woman Overcome Early Menopause. Many devotees of Acupuncture attest to the therapy’s ability to alleviate pain of all kinds. But true believers often say it can heal physical problems as well as just bring pain relief. Rosana Bouzas of Sydney, Australia, suffered early menopause and was told by...

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