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Have you ever felt like there is something not quite right with your health, but you just can’t put a finger on what it is?

You’ve been to countless Doctor’s appointments, described your symptoms and concerns, had tests run, tried a number of different treatments, but still land back in the same place.

Maybe you've even been to a walk in clinic or urgent care and you still haven't gotten the answers you're looking for.

You may be wondering: Am I broken? Will I ever get better? Is there a clinic near me that can help?

We get it...

If you have ever felt this way, you are in the right place. We know, because as practitioners we have all had these feelings and questions about our own personal health. These experiences have led all of our practitioners on their own healing journeys, and ultimately to their current practices.

Each of us is dedicated to helping people like you on your journey. We are dedicated to helping you return to balanced health and general wellness.

We can help you...

The most important thing we can share is that you are not broken, and you will get better. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

James Lovinsky


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Linnéa Snyder Lovinsky


Linnéa's Signature story

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Combined we have over 50 years of combined experience across Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Holistic Nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will support you in your journey to better health.

Our practitioners went to the best schools and studied under the most experienced teachers. Our newest team members have been practicing for at least 5 years and some of our more seasoned team members for more than 20 years.

We all make our own health and professional growth a priority, frequently taking courses and learning new treatment modalities to better help our clients.

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We are the health clinic you've been looking for! We’re always here to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your personal situation.

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~ James and Linnéa Lovinsky.

    James and Linnéa's Story

    Linnéa and I met on the first day of acupuncture school in 2013, in chemistry class no less. Yes, we have to take three semesters of chemistry in acupuncture school:  general, organic and biochemistry.

    We were both planning to power through all three chemistry classes in one semester and it quickly became clear that the classes were meant to be taken sequentially. After class we both waited to speak with the professor about it and he advised us to take them one at a time.

    We immediately liked each other, became fast friends and study partner and soon started dating. We were lucky to have each other, our program was quite demanding (a story for another post).

    While we were in school we supported each other through personal healing journeys. I healed chronic pain in my neck and back from years of web development and tech support, some complicated symptoms rooted in chronic stress and gut problems from a round of antibiotics. Linnéa healed her own gut problems and severe chronic anemia.

    We have both been at the lowest points where we thought we had tried everything and there was no one to help us and we are both living proof that everyone can heal with the right help.

    Linnéa supporting James at a Tough Mudder in 2013
    Senior Interns James & Linnéa in 2017
    At the RI State House lobbying for better insurance coverage

    After we completed our 4 year Masters program (for comparison most Physician's Assistant programs are 2 years) we dreamt of opening a clinic with a group of practitioners all working together. This dream grew out of our personal experience that a team could do more to help than individuals working on their own.

    We started out with just the two of us seeing patients, answering phones and working with insurance. We hired our first help (Angela and Sue) in 2020 just before our daughter Viva was born and the clinic has grown by leaps and bounds since then.

    We are so blessed to work with an amazing team of practitioners and a caring staff of former patients. We believe this is the kind of supporting environment that is best for healing. We hope you will take a minute to read through this page and consider how much we can help you on your healing journey.

    Experienced Practitioners

    We are one of the only acupuncture health centers in Rhode Island with multiple practitioners. This means you will have multiple eyes looking at your case and you don't have to worry about missing treatments while one of us is away at a conference or a training.

    We are also one of the few clinics to offer multiple modalities. We believe in having many tools in our toolbox, which is why we offer:

    • Acupuncture
    • Naturopathy
    • Massage
    • Holistic Nutrition
    • Health Coaching
    • Cupping

    We find we heal faster when we work on our health from multiple angles.

    Angela McCann

    Angela McCann

    ND, DAOM

    Naturopathic Doctor, Dr of Acupuncture

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    Stephanie Fisher headshot

    Stephanie Fischer


    Doctor of Acupuncture

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    Justine St. Jacques


    Doctor of Acupuncture

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    Jennifer Blanchette

    CMT, LMT

    Licensed Massage Therapist

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    Crystel L. Couillard


    Licensed Massage Therapist

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    Caring staff

    Our staff members were all Opus patients before they joined our team. They came to us with various ailments, we helped them and they learned the value of acupuncture, massage and health coaching and now they help to guide people like you through the process of returning to health. They know what its like to make that first call, to go to that first appointment.

    Susan Curzio

    Office Manager

    Steph Sigillo


    Shannon Ladas