Joint Pain? Try Acupuncture First!

When knee pain starts, the medical profession knows just what to do. Start by prescribing painkillers. If that doesn’t work, cut into the knee and remove part of it or maybe better yet, replace the whole knee with an artificial joint!

Of course, all these methods of handling require heavy doses of drugs. Is there any healthy alternative that can eliminate drugs and surgery and get rid of the source of the pain?

Acupuncture offers just these benefits. The success of Acupuncture in treating knee pain of uncertain origin was illustrated in the case of a sixty-one year-old man who visited his acupuncturist for help. For forty years, this man had suffered from pain in both his knees! His symptoms had started when he was a teenager. Unfortunately, no one was ever able to offer him a solution.

First, he was diagnosed with “growing pains,” then gout. He was treated but never got better. He tolerated the pain until he was 58 when it got much worse.

By this time, he complained not only of knee pain but also insomnia and pain in his shoulder and elbow. When the pain would let up in the early morning hours, he could sleep a little. If the pressure and pain got too bad, he’d have to walk around to get some relief. His only solution was anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers or tranquilizers, but they provided little relief. Multiple doctors and diagnostic tests led to surgery.

Even after this attempt, there was no improvement. Fortunately, the patient was then referred to an acupuncturist.

By the second week of Acupuncture treatment, the patient’s knee pain began to reduce and his sleep improved. His sleep kept improving and by the third week he had his first completely pain-free night in decades! Just before starting his fourth week of treatment, he had one day of pain and then steadily improved after that. His shoulder and elbow pain resolved as well.

At a one-month follow-up appointment, he reported an eighty percent reduction in knee pain. When another follow-up appointment was done at ten months, the patient had retained all improvements. And he looked forward to remaining pain-free without the need for any further medication or surgery.

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