Herbal Medicine is potent and effective

We love Herbal Medicine at Opus Total Health, and so do our patients!  Many people think Herbal Medicine isn't potent enough to treat their condition, but did you know that many pharmaceutical drugs are based on chemical compounds isolated from Chinese Herbal Medicines? A recent example is the malaria drug Artemisin, derived from a compound found in Chinese Wormwood (Artemisiae annua), and there are many others. Herbal Medicines have been successfully used in China for thousands of years to treat every kind of condition ranging from chronic illness to infectious disease. There are even formulas to combat the effects of stress and aging!

Our formulas are designed to minimize side effects

One strength of Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas are that they are specially designed with combinations of herbs that have been developed through trial and error over hundreds or even thousands of years. The different ingredients in a formula all work together to strengthen the overall effect while minimizing side effects. Many Herbal Medicines are also adaptogenic, so they strengthen your body's natural ability to resist the effects of stress and maintain health.

Chinese Herbal Medicines are safe and easy to take

We only work with the very best Herbal Medicine companies who adhere to the strictest testing and manufacturing standards. You can rest assured that the products we sell are the safest available. Our formulas normally come in easy-to-take tablets or powders, so if you can take vitamins you can take Chinese Herbal Medicine!