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Preparing for Flu Season

It is that time of year again. The cold and flu season is upon us. Unless you are a hermit during the Fall and Winter months, you have a pretty good chance of getting the flu virus. Typical flu symptoms include:  Fever with chills, Sore throat, Headaches, Coughing, Runny Nose,...

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Chronic Pain Damages the Brain

~A Summary of Articles from Acupuncture Today~   Chronic pain is front and center these days, now that the opioids are no longer viewed as the answer to chronic pain. Long term use of opioids is an addiction and these drugs have other serious side effects. After all opioids don’t...

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Vitamins & Your Health

We very excited to tell you about our new partnership that will allow you to buy high quality vitamins and supplements at low discount prices, delivered directly to your home. Just log on to https://wellevate.me/opus-total-health to place your order. This service is offered through Emerson Ecologics. Emerson has been the...

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